1. so, idk, i’ll probably only post gifs from now on.

    and probably just on this blog. idk.

  2. so, i don’t reblog, but i will when my friend does something like this.

    (Source: intertextual)


  3. so, we’re entering week three without parents. i’m hungry, like, all the damn time.


  4. so, just a quick shout out to my dog for staying up and waking the dead.

    yo, stop.


  5. you never post but then this??? this martin???????????????




  6. so, i feel sexy tonight. not photographically sexy, but textually sexy.

    this is textually sexy.

  7. so, this is proof that this account hasn’t been hacked and someone is pulling a fast one on you all by posting on my blog.


  8. so, i’m only back on tumblr because i don’t want to do my assignment.

  9. #thenotebook

  10. and to think i was considering skipping @lordemusic for someone else. #seriouslythough #clashcity #lorde (at St Jerome’s Laneway Festival)

  11. three of the coolest ladies to ever walk the earth. #Haim @haimtheband (at St Jerome’s Laneway Festival)

  12. ooookay guys. #paceparty #RUSHIN #andjames

  13. ha


  14. So, calling people over Skype is kind of like being Theodore Twombly.


  15. So, video calling people with earphones is really good because then it means you get to have conversations in private, the audio is clearer, and also you can listen to the Her soundtrack while having a conversation.